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Body Language Cues & Lie Spotting

  • 28 December 2022
  • 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
  • Zoom

CPIO Webinar Holiday Special

The CPIO is offering a Holiday Special this month allowing registrants to invite up to 2 guests to this webinar. Guests can include colleagues, family members, or friends. 

Please reach out to Shannon Mirza at with your guests’ email and I will add them to the event.  

Body Language Cues & Lie Spotting

Presented By Vanessa Greenblatt

Have you ever been speaking with someone and suddenly thought that something was amiss? You had a feeling that the person was not being altogether truthful, but you were not sure why. Was it something they said? Was it how they said it? Or was it something they did? Behavioural Analysis Specialist, Vanessa Greenblatt, of VMG Investigative Consulting, will highlight some important principles of Lie Detection, specific steps to follow, and a few Physical and Audio Cues to pay attention to. She will also delve into commonly held Lie Detection Myths that continue to circulate today and explain why they interfere with our deception detection abilities. Take your lie spotting abilities to the next level and learn to identify the signals people are sending you.

Vanessa Greenblatt, MCRIM,HCRIM,BA(PSYCH&CRIM),CFE, CPIO-SI, is a Behavioural Analysis Specialist. Besides having a Master of Criminology, an Honours Criminology, a Bachelor of Psychology & Criminology, she is a CFE and a CPIO-SI. In addition, she has Certificates in SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis), Microfacial Expressions Training, Analytic Interviewing, Body Language Training, Lie Detection, Reaction Analysis Profiling, OSINT, and Critical Thinking. She is the founder and CEO of VMG Investigative Consulting. Prior to starting her company, she worked as a Loss Prevention Investigator at Sears. Presently, she is also the Director of Public Relations for the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario (CPIO).

She uses her deception detection skills during the interview process, either for victims and witnesses of crime, when hiring or on suspected cases of Fraud, Theft, Workplace Harassment or Violence. As a Body Language Trainer, she works with companies or organizations and teaches people how to be cognizant of their own body language and how to decode the signals people are sending out. Vanessa’s Body Language Training provides practical skills to increase a person’s presence, influence, and confidence.

She has conducted presentations for a variety of organizations, including the Insurance, and Financial and Technology Sectors, Association of Certified Forensic Investigators of Canada, the SWO Association of Certified Fraud Examiners Chapter, the Council of Professional Investigators Ontario, and high school and university classes.

Outside of work, Vanessa is an advocate for Residents of Long Term Care and is Chair of Family Council at her mother’s home. She is an avid fan of all things Superhero and True Crime. Vanessa believes dancing breathes life and wishes everyone would “live how we dance”.


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