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CPIO Board of Directors


James Meadway, President


James Meadway, CPIO-MI

Brian Zeng, CPIO-MI

Boaz Lapointe, CPIO-MI

Shelley Collins, CPIO-SI

Nino Calabrese, CPIO-MI

James Winter, CPIO-MI

Vanessa Greenblatt, CPIO-SI

Manish Patel, CPIO-MI

Martin Jaekel, CPIO-MI

Michael Sherrard, Counsel



What We Do

The CPIO believes that in order to properly represent the professional investigation industry we must continue to do the following:

  • Increase awareness of the CPIO through networking events and industry partnerships
  • Communicate the benefits of membership to our colleagues in the investigative industry
  • Provide collaboration tools between member agencies
  • Advocate for legislative change
  • Learning and training opportunities

We strive to have our members recognized as the premier private investigation agencies and private investigators in the Province of Ontario.

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