Issues to Address on Fraud Intake Meetings

  • 28 September 2022
  • 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
  • Zoom


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Issues to Address on Fraud Intake Meetings

Police resources for fraud investigations and prosecutions is diminishing year by year  and the problem is becoming acute. Crown Attorneys are increasingly encouraging fraud investigations not be prosecuted and are pleading out fraud charges with minimal consequences to fraudsters. In any event, the criminal justice system has never yielded meaningful recovery for fraud victims – notwithstanding political objectives of the Harper Conservatives with mandatory minimums in fraud sentencing.. As the role of the private sector in fraud recovery increases, the importance of private investigators understanding the issues to review with fraud victims is of increasing importance. The presentation of Norman Groot will review the issues every private investigator should be aware of when intaking complaints from fraud victims. A proper assessment in the intake process often is a determining factor in whether a recovery is successful. This presentation was first given at the Toronto Police Financial Crimes International Conference, and has been further refined since that time.

Norman J. Groot

Principal and Founder 

Based on his police experience and his experience thereafter as a litigator, Norman has joined forces with other lawyers with police experience and created the law firm Investigation Counsel Professional Corporation.

Norman’s practice is focused on fraud recovery litigation for retailers, insurers, private companies and individuals who have incurred losses to rogue employees, officers or directors, or due to failed investments or contractual arrangements with ill intentioned third party service providers or others.  Norman also provides Independent Supervising Solicitor (ISS) services for other law firms that obtain Anton Piller orders (civil search warrants).  Norman’s practice also consists of representing police and private sector investigators in criminal, civil, and regulatory actions.

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