Vanessa Greenblatt MCRIM, HCRIM, BA(PSYCH&CRIM), CFE

Vanessa is newly elected to the Board as, Co-Director of Western Region and CPIO By-law Officer. She is a Profiling & Deception Analyst & Body Language Trainer. Vanessa has a degree in Master of Criminology, as well as, Bachelor of Psychology & Criminology, and is also a CFE. Additionally, she has obtained Certificates in SCAN (Scientific Content Analysis), Microfacial Expressions Training, Analytic Interviewing, Body Language Training, Lie Detection, and Reaction Analysis Profiling. She is the founder and CEO of VMG Investigative Consulting. Prior to starting her company, she worked as a Loss Prevention Investigator at Sears. Outside of work, Vanessa is an advocate for Residents of Long Term Care and is Chair of Family Council at Shalom Village.

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