Critical Thinking - March 6-7, 2023 Monday Tuesday

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In an age of time compression and information overload of varying quality, critical thinking skills are more important than ever for the practitioner. Optimal thinking processes impact all stages of intelligence and investigation, from observation, collection and analysis, through to decisions, communication and professional effectiveness. While we are called upon to use critical and logical thinking skills on a daily basis, most of us have done so without a careful examination of our thinking processes (cognition) and the development of higher awareness of those processes (metacognition.) Broadcast-quality, and remotely delivered, this course employs an engaging, teaching approach that sets up all learning styles for success. This two-day introduction to critical thinking will give practitioners a foundation in critical thinking that is immediately applicable to their work. In this course, tools and approaches to optimize mental processes will be discussed and practitioners will come away with an enhanced understanding of how their own personality and habits of mind influence the collection and processing of information.
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