Presenter - Julie Tillotson

As an instructor with Toddington International, Julie brings with her over two decades of experience from her service with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, having served as an Intelligence Analyst since 2002. 

Continuing to maintain operational expertise in complex criminal investigations that include serial murder, missing persons, and financial and organized crime on both strategic and tactical levels, Julie is also experienced in the delivery of services to the private sector, including critical thinking and investigative techniques, corporate intelligence, brand protection, and online reputation management.

While working towards her PhD, Julie taught Criminology and Sociology at the University of Winnipeg and the University of Manitoba.  She has also taught Tactical Intelligence Analysis and Strategic Intelligence Analysis at the Canadian Police College, and has delivered Operational Intelligence Analysis training in South Asia on behalf of the Canadian Government.

Among other commendations, Julie has been awarded the Intelligence Program Professional Service Award for her contributions to the national intelligence program in the RCMP, and is a regular guest speaker at numerous private and public sector conferences throughout North America.

With Toddington International, Julie develops and facilitates Open Source Intelligence and Social Media Intelligence training courses for a wide range of agencies.

202C SMI – Social Media Intelligence & Investigation

Social Media Intelligence (SMI or SOCMINT) is processed information, sourced from online social platforms and applications that facilitate and enable the collecting, monitoring, and analysis of up-to-date online sentiment and social commentary.  The rich and varied information available from social platforms may be live or historical, opinion or fact, text or multi-media, proprietary or crowd-sourced; depending on the data provided by each source, and an investigator’s ability to cross-reference the data across platforms and tools, a comprehensive profile of an individual, location, or event can often be built quickly and accurately.

To recognize, collect, and leverage the value of social platform-sourced information, research and investigative professionals must fully understand the limitations, restrictions, and legal implications of obtaining, and utilizing, such information in a manner that user privacy expectations, license agreements, and other legal limitations are not violated.

Social Media Intelligence & Investigation will introduce research and investigative professionals to a variety of essential tools and techniques necessary to locate, collect, and utilize social platform-sourced information, and introduce investigators to the considerations and implications of leveraging this type of information safely and appropriately.

Participants will learn about:

  • A variety of popular social networks and online communities
  • Effective cross-platform search techniques
  • Tools and resources for mining social intelligence
  • Identifying and critically evaluating information available from social platforms
  • Determining the reliability of shared content
  • Linking people, places, and things
  • User profiling, including usernames and pseudonyms
  • Using geo-location tools, such as geofencing and location-based search, to locate real-time and historical posts
  • Investigating posted images and videos
  • Live social media monitoring tools
  • Relevant legislation, case law, and policy
  • Privacy-awareness and how to protect your own online information
  • Best practices for documenting social platform-sourced content

David Toddington

CEO, Toddington International Inc.

Based in Vancouver, BC, David Toddington is the Founder and CEO of Toddington International Inc (TII).  With a global client base ranging from government agencies to members of the Fortune 500, TII has been enabling its customers to find and use online information more effectively since 1997. 

With a background as a senior manager in the IT industry and experience in police and military operations, David and his team have been developing and delivering a wide range of advanced proactive and reactive Open Source Intelligence and investigative solutions to both the private and public sectors for the past two decades. 

In working with the private sector, David maintains a position as Special Advisor to the International Chamber of Commerce Commercial Crime Section in London.  He also sits as Chair of the Open Source Intelligence and Research Association (OSIRA), a professional body for the OSINT industry. 

Since 1989, David has held numerous police appointments, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police Supernumerary Constable, Designated Law Enforcement Officer (DLEO) with the Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia, RCMP Auxiliary Constable within the Province of British Columbia, and Technical Reserve with the City of Moscow Police in Idaho State.  David has also served in Primary Reserve elements of the Royal Canadian Navy and Canada’s Army, in addition to serving as an officer in the Canadian Forces Cadet Instructor Cadre (Air). 

Among other awards, David has been the recipient of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Commanding Officer’s Commendation for his work in the development and implementation of new police Open Source Intelligence systems. 

Cast in the first four seasons of the Grierson Award winning, BAFTA nominated hit television series “Hunted” on Channel 4 in the UK, David features predominantly in “Hunter Headquarters” as an OSINT expert, utilizing his skills as an online Open Source Intelligence specialist, analyst, digital surveillance expert, and social media specialist to digitally pursue fugitives and their associates.  In addition to his work in the HQ, David was also involved in the physical surveillance and capture of four fugitives during the first three seasons of the program; he also served behind the scenes as an Intelligence Consultant on the US version of the program which debuted on CBS in January of 2017.


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