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Argus Research Group
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  • Asset Protection
  • Automobile Accidents (Personal Injury)
  • Employee Theft and Dishonesty
  • Asset Location
  • Family law/Custody/Paternity Investigations
  • Video
Corporate Investigations
  • Sexual Harassment Investigations
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment
  • Witness Interviews and Statements
Due Diligence
  • Background Investigations
  • Misrepresentation
  • Breach of Contract
  • Compliance Issues
Special Services
  • Witness Interviews
Mr.Eric N. Poirier CPII, is the founder and director of Argus Research Group. Furthermore, he is a passionate and dedicated HSE Advisor and Investigative Consultant who has been heavily involved in the railroad transportation infrastructure, and construction sector for almost a decade.

He is a Certified P.E.A.C.E Investigative Interviewer, CPII, and a dedicated licensed private investigator who is methodical, objective, and highly focused. Mr. Poirier has also been involved in service of process activities, as well as surveillance and research related to insurance and corporate investigations. He has also completed training in Mental Health First Aid, and MHFA for adults who interact with youth in order to better understand the various ways mental health may be impacted by an incident.

Mr. Poirier has lead incident investigations, and provided consultations to operations staff, and ground crews in some of Ontario's largest and busiest rail corridors. He has also assisted with, and helped coordinate various SIU Inquiries to help locate and interview witnesses regarding motor vehicle incidents, and violent physical alterations. Mr. Poirier also investigates workplace incidents related to harassment, violence and intimidation, fraud, and misconduct.

While continuing his education and working as an investigator, and HSE Advisor, Mr. Poirier has also gained experience as an operational member in several specialty units, including ground search and rescue while volunteering with one of Ontario’s most recognized Volunteer Search and Rescue organizations.

Mr. Poirier’s focus is providing support, and services where he can make a positive impact. While employing the use of some of the most reliable systems, and ethical methods in the industry. These areas include but are not limited to; private investigations, incident investigations, health and safety, and risk management.

You can find out more about our company and it's founder by visiting our website and by following our social media pages.
Work Experience:

2017 – Present Universal Rail Systems
-Health Safety and Environment Advisor
-Site Safety Audits
-Incident Investigations
-COR National Standard audits
-Field Level Risk Assessments and Risk Analysis
-Incident Investigations/Response Program Development Project the IRIS Protocol

2017 - 2017 King International Advisory Group
-Investigative Consultant
-Special Investigations Unit
-Covert and Overt Surveillance
-Locating witnesses
-Process Serving

2016-Present - Argus Research Group
Founder, director, and operator
-Certified PEACE Investigative Interviewer, CPII
-SIU inquiries and private investigations
-Witness locates and interviews
-Incident investigation and causal analysis
-Protective surveillance and vulnerability assessments
-Open-source intelligence
-Field-level risk assessments and hazard identification
-Accident cause-finding analysis

2011 – 2014 Canadian National Railway
-Assistant Track Supervisor/Inspector, Great Lakes -Region GTA Engineering Division
-Comprehensive Advanced Leadership Qualifications
-Transportation of Dangerous Goods and Operating Rules qualification
-Manager representative for Health and Safety committee
-Knowledge of Railway Safety Act
-Canada Labour code
-Canadian Occupational Health and Safety
-Point of Impact Cause Finding Analysis

2009 – 2011 G4S Secure Solutions Canada Ltd. – Mississauga, Ontario
-Control Centre Operator
-Leadership training
-Assistant course facilitator for PSISA programs for new hires
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